by Pazz Kluger

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released December 30, 2010



all rights reserved


Pazz Kluger New York, New York

Pazz Kluger is a post punk project out of the NY/NJ area, formed by Patrick Av in 2009. Called "Alterna Gothic at its best" by Christian Cowsill,, the Pazz Kluger sound has been likened to retro alternative acts such as: Joy Division, The Cure.. etc. ... more

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Track Name: Naughty Things
She wants to still do naughty things
She wants to still rip my heart
She said she still has evil inside
She won't be happy til' I die

Break me.. Drain me.. Tease me.. Always lie

Cheat me.. Bleed me.. Curse me.. Always lie

A poisoned mind.. unpleasant thoughts
A victim of love's abuse they warned me I'd get burned
A poisoned mind unpleasant thoughts...

c2010 pazz kluger
Track Name: Deceptively Real
He wears the face of a misplaced dream,
long lost perhaps..but abandoned it seems
Distorted reflection...the mirror doesn't lie
Distorted reflection...hides whats inside
What's inside?

He may toss and turn at night
or he may choose to live his life..
He may wonder what could have been..
But the mirror doesn't lie
What's inside?

Going for a ride tonight.I feel deceptively real tonight
How would you like..a tour of all my faults..

c2010 Pazz Kluger
Track Name: Dueling Thoughts
I'm gonna meet you, unexpectedly
I'm gonna meet you.. you're my destiny
I know where you live..I know the ways you drive
I'm gonna meet you visions of..those thighs

A sweet kiss from your lips is always on my mind
The danger in you makes me feel fine
I'm gonna meet you when the world ends
I'm gonna touch you and you'll want it again

And when I think back you never noticed ..
You just walked on by I was a creep..
You walked on by like I had the plague..
You walked by ..I'm gonna have my day

I'm gonna make you feel secure
I'm going to comfort you
I'm going to have you
You pretty little thing I'm gonna leave you
I'm gonna leave you ..I don't want you

©2010 Pazz Kluger
Track Name: I Hate My Life, I Love My Lie
I saw this girl in the night once, I never got her name
Yet sometimes I'll think about her
I wonder what was her name?
Did Someone say "there's no fun left".. I tend to agree
I was mistaken for someone today.. I think I agree

I opened up myself to get cut, I never bled so bad
It's kind of scary when words are like ghosts,
They haunt you til you're dead
It's kind of scary existing like a ghost
It doesn't matter if you're dead

Close my eyes so I won't see
Just where my past has taken me

Some people think they have all the answers
To the problems of this world
But in the long run we're the only ones who really Know ourselves and in the long run we're the only ones We're gonna overthrow ourselves we're all gonna die

I hate my life (close my eyes) I love my lie